Midnight (plane) to Georgia

On Wednesday, May 20th around 2:30 in the afternoon, I was feeding Samantha and the phone rang. It was the social worker from the adoption agency in Nevada and we were cleared to go home!! I called our social worker in Georgia just to double check and she said she was just about to call me – it was true! I finished feeding the baby while Chris and I jumped online to look at flights. We could leave at 10:40 that evening and get back to Georgia early Thursday morning, which gave us plenty of time to pack and get to the airport without having to rush. As soon as Sam finished her bottle, we packed, double- and triple- checked to make sure we weren’t leaving anything, showered and got dressed, dressed the baby and put her in the car seat. And she immediately projective spit all over her outfit and the seat LOL. So after a quick wardrobe change and seat-cleaning, we were ready to leave the condo before 6pm.

We got to the airport around 6:30, checked in and checked our bags – then Samantha and I sat at Starbucks while Chris went to return the rental car (we didn’t want to try to ride the shuttle from the rental car place with all our luggage and the baby LOL). When he got back, we grabbed a bite to eat around 7 and bought a little stuffed monkey that said Las Vegas (and a keychain and Christmas ornament) for the baby, and got to our gate around 8.

At almost boarding time, I put Samantha in her jammies and we got ready for the flight home. She slept the entire flight (I fed her while we were taking off and landing to keep her little ears from popping but she didn’t really wake up) – Chris and I did not sleep at all LOL. We landed a little after 5am (EST).

After a quick wardrobe change into her going home outfit, we were met by my parents with a sweet little sign, got our bags and headed home!! My cousin Jodi had put signs up, friend Kelly put a pink bow on the mailbox and our neighbor kids made welcome pictures 🙂

When we got home it was almost time for the house cleaner to get there so my mom stayed downstairs with the baby while Chris and I went upstairs (out of the cleaner’s way) and slept for a few hours while ganmommy and Samantha got to know one another. Later that afternoon my aunt, cousin, and cousin’s two kids came by shortly followed by Chris’s mom, aunt and uncle. Now we’ve been home a little over a week and have gotten into a nice routine of life with a new baby!

One thought on “Midnight (plane) to Georgia

  1. I just finished reading your whole journey! Congratulations! Your little girl is beautiful. I’m so glad you made your way to the daughter God intended for you all along. My heart just broke when I read about Siobhan, but I believe there is a beautiful plan for her as well. Your story is very inspiring to me, which I really need at the moment because our adoption journey is not going super great. It’s good to hear there are happy endings. Enjoy your new daughter!


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