Learning to expect the unexpected

We had been told the baby was going to be born between the 21st and the 24th and that we would probably not get to see her or even know she was born until she was ready to go home 48-72 hours after being born – so we thought the earliest we would get to see our baby would be the Friday – but “just in case”, we wanted to come up on the 21st so that when we got the call that we could see her, we could do so ASAP!!

Our plan was to leave the house around 8:45am on Tuesday. Well around 8am the social worker called and said “Did you get my email?” (I hadn’t checked my email yet) – turns out the baby was born Monday night and the birth mother was insistent that we get to bond with the baby! So when we got to Louisville at 5pm, the social worker met us at the hospital and we got to spend almost an hour with our precious daughter (I’m told I was a blubbering mess during that time). The nurses told us that they had a room for us to stay in and that the baby could stay with us in the room – but they were quickly corrected by the hospital social worker who reminded them that until papers are signed the birth mother gets to keep the baby with her. They talked to the birth mother (we weren’t allowed to see her or talk with her which was tough for me to deal with) and she said we could have her during the night. So we settled into the room for about five hours of boredom and waiting LOL

Around midnight, my mom went to the nurses station to ask if the plan was still the same (because while the hospital was very generous in letting us stay there – there was no bed … and I was having a difficult time being that physically close but unable to see my baby – even though I truly want the birth mother to get to spend as much time as possible with her – it was a tug of war going on in my heart and mind) and it turns out the birth mother had apparently decided to keep the baby with her. She did let us have another blissful hour with the baby and I am so grateful for that!!! I can’t imagine what she is going through.

So around 1am we came to the condo we are renting and got some sleep. Today we are going to go back up to the hospital just in case the birth mother is willing to let us see the baby for a little bit.

Apparently the baby will be able to be discharged tonight but the birthmother won’t be ready for discharge until tomorrow night – and if she wants to keep the baby with her that extra day she is allowed to. So probably the earliest we will be able to leave the hospital with our daughter will be Thursday evening, which means papers will be probably be signed on Friday which begins the 7-10 day waiting period for ICPC.

Right now we are just thrilled and thankful that we have gotten to meet our baby girl when she was less than 24 hours old and spend two precious hours more than we were expecting to get to spend with her!!

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