Timeline – aka “buckle up and hold on tight! Things are about to get real!”

Around Christmastime in 2014 Chris and I decided to pursue adoption again. We didn’t want to go through one agency this time, so we looked into Adoption Information Services, a consulting company. We sent in the questionnaire/application on December 28th and registered for the seminar that they were having on Janary 24. Unfortunately I put the seminar time in my calendar for 11:00 – turns out it was at 10:00 (oops)! The morning of the 24th I was looking at their website for directions to the seminar – noticed my mistake and realized there was no way we could get there in time. January 27th I called, had them send us a DVD of the seminar and made an appointment with AIS. February 4th we sent in our fee agreement and deposit.

us, at our first meeting with Leigh at AIS

February 13th was our first meeting with AIS – after the meeting, we went home with our “homework” and started planning out a hopeful timeline. Our second meeting was scheduled for March 6th – I printed out calendars and marked them all up, thinking we could probably get our home study finished by the middle of April and start sending out profiles. The average wait time for AIS clients is 3-6 months so my best case scenario was that hopefully we’d get matched by mid July and have a baby around November. Well … God had a different plan!

before our photo shoot to get a few professional pics for the cover of our profile book

We finished our profile book the weekend after our first meeting with AIS, it was approved on the 20th and we ordered one copy to proof in real life before ordering 15 copies to send to agencies. On Feb 21st we mailed out home study application packet to Options 4 Adoption (since AIS is just a consulting company, not an agency, they don’t do home studies – O4A only does home studies). We started working on the paperwork that we knew would be required for the home study also (thankfully they had a checklist on their website).

February 24th we got an email from AIS about a birthmother opportunity in Kentucky. I assumed the email was sent to active (home study ready) AIS clients and our name got put on the list accidentally. I actually forwarded the email to Chris and said “Too bad we don’t have a profile book and home study yet!” because I didn’t think that we were allowed to act on the opportunity (the instructions were that if you were interested in being considered by the birthmother to send your profile and home study – we had neither). The next day, AIS sent a follow up email asking if we had decided whether or not to send our information to KY – and after a few emails and phone calls the lovely ladies at AIS had sent some information and a digital version of our profile to the agency. Our proof version of the profile book came in and I immediately FedExed it to the agency *just in case*.

the 20 copies of our profile book that arrived the day after we found out we’d been matched LOL

Two days later (February 26th), before they even received the hard copy of our profile book, the agency called and said we were one of two being considered to parent the baby due in Kentucky. A couple of hours later she called me back and said she had gotten our book and they were ready to consider us “officially matched”. Oh and by the way, the baby that was listed on all the information as due May 1st was actually scheduled to be delivered via C-section the week of April 21st.

And that’s how our dream of being parents maybe, hopefully, possibly by November became the reality of OHMYGOSH we’re gonna be parents in less than TWO MONTHS!! And thus began the frenzied nesting as well as the hurried attempts at getting all of my students’ IEP annual reviews done as well as substitute lesson plans written before my maternity leave. As far as my job goes, the timing couldn’t be more perfect – my last day would be April 10th because the 13th-18th was Spring Break, then the 21st we leave for Kentucky. And there are only 24 school days that I will be out before summer break! Which is nice because I’m a bit of a control freak at work too (yeah – I left 50 pages of “information” for the substitute in addition to the class schedule and lesson plans).

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