A mommy, at last!

Hello blogosphere, I am Nicole and I am a lot of things. I am a special education teacher, a photographer, a wife and daughter, an awesome aunt, a church Elder, a Sunday School teacher, a friend, a champion sleeper, a doctor (of philosophy, not a medical doctor) – but there is one thing I have always wanted to be that I am not. I was *that* girl – the one whose life ambition was to be a mommy. I subscribed to “Parents” magazine when I was twelve years old. I have always loved children and just assumed I’d have my own. When Chris and I became engaged (in 2002), I told my mom not to be upset if we ended up pregnant before the wedding. A few years later, since it hadn’t happened yet, we started trying harder – charting, timing, etc. Finally we realized it wasn’t meant to be so we began to look into adoption (around 2007). Our first agency experience wasn’t all that wonderful (nothing specifically negative, we just never had a great feeling and it seemed to be very, very slow going). I finished my PhD, life went on, and lo and behold I got pregnant in July of 2012 – only to miscarry about a week after I found out.

January of 2015 we (my husband Chris and I) decided to try a different adoption route. We set up an appointment with a consulting group (not an actual agency – Adoption Information Services. I’m sure I’ll post soon about the timeline from there, but let’s jump to now – April of 2015. We are matched with an expectant mother in Kentucky who is scheduled to give birth to a little girl next week – a little girl who, if the way be clear, will be changing our lives forever and making my dreams come true. If everything goes to plan, next week I will be a mommy, at last!

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